This morning we were proud to accompany the families of our students Isabel Nieto, Paula Gómez and Natalia Martín in the ceremony of recognition and awarding of diplomas organized by the Carlos III University. Isabel, Paula and Natalia are among the 25 students with the best grades of all those examined at the university.

Colegio Legamar has been recognized with another Diploma for being the center, among all those affiliated to UC3M, whose students have obtained the best scores in the average grade of the Compulsory Block of the Evau.

100% of the students submitted passed the Evau with an average grade in the General Phase of 8.374 out of 10 and 11.549 out of 14 in the specific phase. 20% of the students obtained a grade equal to or higher than 13 and 47.27% obtained a grade higher than 12 points.