We work to ensure the comprehensive development of children


Our main focus is on learning, understood as the acquisition of knowledge and skills and the development of social, personal, emotional and academic skills.

Infantil _ Legamar International School

Strengthening the foundations of learning


Primary education is the educational stage where the foundations for learning are laid. In these early years of learning, students acquire the knowledge, skills and good habits needed to delve deeper into the many different knowledge areas later on.

Reinforcing critical thinking skills

Secondary Education

In the secondary education stage, learning is focused on the student’s autonomy and the improvement of their problem-solving abilities, reinforcing personal and social skills.

ESO, Educación Secundaria Legamar International School

Preparing for the challenges of adulthood

Spanish Baccalaureate

Our purpose is to prepare our students to confidently face the challenges of adulthood.

Commitment to international education

International Baccalaureate

IB Schools share a common philosophy: a commitment to a rigorous, high-quality international education that we believe is important for our students.

Bachillerato Internacional Legamar International School

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