Laying the foundations

for our studients

Primary education is the educational stage where the foundations for learning are laid. In these early years of learning, students acquire the knowledge, skills and good habits needed to delve deeper into the many different knowledge areas later on.

Our school guarantees a comprehensive education that contributes to the full development of their personality and a good foundation to make the most of their Compulsory Secondary Education.

In this stage, their emotional and social skills, so important at this age, are enhanced while responding and attending to each need of our diverse student body. Our programme is focused on personalised learning that enhances the abilities of each student, teaching critical thinking and creative strategies and seeking the development of skills and values, as well as knowledge. 




All primary school students attend a weekly hour of theatre lessons in English in order to work on their spoken skills in the English language, which also covers drama techniques that reinforce self-esteem, autonomy, reflection and responsibility.


It promotes student autonomy, respecting each student’s learning pace to work on process reasoning and understanding rather than the mere resolution of algorithms, through a good set of digital resources and the manipulative experience of mathematics.

Complementary Activities

Dancing, judo, theatre, fencing, skating, artistic drawing. Our school stands out for our expanded educational offerings in two important areas that foster the comprehensive development of our students: Dancing, Theatre, Painting and Judo, Skating, Fencing, and Chess within the cost of regular education. All these non-curricular activities are carried out during school hours from Early through Secondary Education. They are optional subjects and are offered at no extra cost.

Reading promotion programme

One of the weekly hours of the subject Spanish is focused on applying and improving reading skills and fostering the enjoyment of reading by working on different text types and dramatising stories. Students are also taught book lending.

Emotional education

During their weekly tutoring hour, tutors work on different aspects to improve social, emotional and interpersonal skills, thus developing all aspects of each student’s individual personality to interact with the world. Also, tutors coach students on personal organisation and planning, offering support in learning different study techniques.

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